Project Management

For over 20 years, our consultants have been optimizing and delivering projects worldwide.
Since 1996, our consultants have been offering customers a wide range of consulting services in Project and Portfolio Management. Our consultants provide specific recommendations and practical solutions, tailored to your unique business requirements. We specialize in advising, setup and delivery of business outcome-oriented projects through Agile Project Management practices, Waterfall Project Management methodologies, DevOps and Hybrid implementations. We provide a full range of project management and consulting services when and where you need it most, whether it’s a one-time requirement or full management from project initiation to close-out.

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Project Leadership Icon
Project Leadership
Business Case Development Icon
Business Case Development
Project Strategy and Planning Icon
Project Execution Strategy and Planning
Project Ssetup and Organisation Icon
Project Set-Up and Organization
Project Process Procedures Forms and Instructions Icon
Project Processes, Procedures, Forms, and Instructions
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Project Delivery (Agile and Waterfall)
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Project Scope Development
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Quality Management (QA / QC)
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Resource Planning
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Project Communications
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Project Closure
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Benefits Realization

Why Arhure

Arhure’s services can be provided throughout all stages of the project lifecycle including feasibility studies, discovery, design, right through to full project implementation, commissioning, and benefits realization. We combine our knowledge of project management with our expertise in each market sector to ensure your projects are completed successfully. We have delivered projects in over 40 countries and across various industries such as Aviation, Government Retail, Banking, Telecom, Education, and Not for Profit, Mining. Our consultants hold certifications such as PRINCE2 Practitioner, MSP Practitioner, P3O Practitioner, Certified Scrum Master, Six Sigma Black Belt, TOGAF Enterprise Architecture, and COBIT. 

” Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. “

— Willa A. Foster

Business Analysis

Arhure consultants have been providing Business Analysis services for over 20 years to organizations of all sizes, spanning many different industries. Our Business Analysts work as liaisons between a variety of stakeholders, including business users, IT professionals and other stakeholders, to gather, analyze, communicate and validate requirements for changes to business processes, policies and information systems. Since business analysis is the primary liaison between business, functional and technical stakeholders of a project, the success or failure of the project is directly related to the expertise and skill of a Business Analyst.

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Conducting and performing feasibility studies
Determining, defining, and scoping the best and improved business opportunities
Gather and develop
Gather and develop current and future state business process and requirements
Model abstract and simplify
Model, abstract and simplify complex concepts so they can be understood by a variety of stakeholders
Eliciting requirements
Eliciting requirements and work with use case modeling, use case narratives, and user stories
Work with Systems Analysts
Work with Systems Analysts, business and end-users to understand business needs
Enterprise Cloud Architecture
Risk Assessment Icon
Risk assessment

Why Arhure

With Arhure, build solutions that will truly transform your company through analysis and understanding your strategic directions and business goals. Our business analysts put effort into knowing your business inside and out. By combining a thorough understanding of your company’s operations and aspirations with cross-industry examples and best practices, our Business Analysts can help bring your business applications into the future.

Process Improvement

Business process management initiatives when designed correctly and implemented successfully maximizes the utilization of the time, resources, and capital of the organizations to create long-term value. Business process improvement can drive very powerful and sustainable change. Defining, deploying and improving strong business processes is a very effective strategy for creating competitive advantage. Processes are fundamental to an organization’s culture. They define how things are done and why they’re done that way. And because organizations are constantly changing as they respond to internal and external pressures, continual process improvement can enable team engagement and lead to growth.

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Rapid Process Design Icon
Rapid Process Design
Process Improvement _ Automation Icon
Process Improvement & Automation
Improve the quality of products
Improve the quality of products and services
Eliminating process bottlenecks
Eliminating process bottlenecks by restructuring and reducing lead time
Improve customer experience
Enhance organization’s
Enhance organization’s ability to change
Strengthen the company
Strengthen the company’s bottom line
Support product development process creation Icon
Support product development process creation

Why Arhure

At Arhure we work alongside you to apply Lean Thinking across your business and achieve a sustainable lean transformation. Our approach is designed to drive change from the bottom up while aligning leadership from the top down Our business process management expertise employs proven Lean methodologies that demonstrate how a business can become efficient and effective in their operations and in meeting their customers’ needs. Our team of experts develop and refine business processes that are simple, clear, and consistently applied throughout client’s organizations. Our strategy is to align the company’s processes with strategic goals so that every activity performed provides more meaningful value to boost optimal performance. 

As experts in business transformation, we engage leaders and teams and drive measurable and sustainable improvement in business processes and people performance. Our consultants are Six Sigma Black Belt certified and have delivered process improvement services.

Project Management Office Setup

In this highly competitive industry, from early product or service planning towards commercial launch, success often depends on the ability to expedite initiatives or products. To keep up with the market, pace requires an organized and disciplined Project Management Office that supports the execution effectively. PMO is a strategic component of an organization that is looking for ways to improve its business processes to deliver projects that bring value to the organization. However, many organizations struggle to overcome the challenges of creating and maintaining a top-notch Project Management Office. The main reason is the organizational demands exceed its ability and expertise as per the variable need to scale and diversify a PMO.

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Managing Icon
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Lessons Learnt Applied

Why Arhure

Effective Project Oversight and Governance are needed to maintain the alignment of project objectives with an organization’s goals.  They ensure that major stakeholders are provided with the reliable, relevant, and timely information needed to make critical decisions.  When combined with effective Portfolio Management, our clients are able to minimize risk and standardize the efficient delivery of projects that meet business needs.  Arhure’s approach to Project Oversight, Governance, and Portfolio Management will establish and improve your project portfolio management tools and processes so that you can accurately evaluate, prioritize, and execute projects that support your organization’s strategy and yield the highest ROI. Our flexible model enables the PMO as business needs grow or change to scale up or down or even shift direction all while continuing to drive performance. Our PMO will embed discipline and efficient processes in your organization.

Project Advisory

Companies are entering industries to win evolving customer expectations and take advantage of emerging technologies to nimble businesses. Opportunity lies at the heart of change. Everyone needs a winning strategy that is powered by suitable insights from data that can be executed at scale using AI with speed and certainty across enterprise. We are a consultancy that provides Strategic Consulting, Software Solutions and Project Management services, and aims to be a leader in delivering innovative solutions to assist our clients in developing & adding value to their Capital Projects, based on the best global practices.

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1 Independant Project Audits Icon
Independent Project Health Check & Audit
2 Capital Projects Management Icon
Capital Projects Management
3 Business Analysis Icon
Business Analysis
4 Business Process Improvement Icon
Business Process Improvement
4 Business Process Improvement Icon
Change Management
6 End to End Tender Management
End to End Tender Management
PMO Setup and Management
8 Project Management Training Icon
Project Management Training

Why Arhure

Over 25 years of professional experience Arhure know-how to manage projects from concept to completion including all phases of partnering by working closely with our clients to deliver tailored solutions that meet their needs exceeding their expectations. Our technique is to identify our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities that includes analysis of strategy, marketing, technology, organization, operations, advanced analytics, transformation, digital, corporate finance, and sustainability across all their respective industries and geographies. Our holistic perspective is to capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization. Our services can be provided throughout all stages of the project lifecycle including feasibility studies, vendor selection, solution architecting, right through to full project delivery, and support services.

Change Management

In this era of advanced technology, change is an unavoidable aspect of every business. While pursuing change for varying reasons, almost every organization encounters varying challenges like lack of senior management commitment and engagement, a complex stakeholder network, lack of stakeholder engagement or resistance and frustration, change fatigue, and employees rejecting change and reverting to old processes or workarounds.

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Business readiness
Business readiness and the voice of your end-user
Executive coaching
Executive coaching on transformation and change within your business
Establishment and management of change agent networks
Change and communications
Change and communications strategy
Instructional design
Instructional design and curriculum development
Training delivery in a variety
Training delivery in a variety of formats to suit the end-user
Accelerated end-user adoption Icon
Accelerated end-user adoption
Adoption metrics and success
Adoption metrics and success criteria management

Why Arhure

At Arhure we blend professional project management with change management best practices to ensure projects are completed on time and budget and address the human factors and culture critical to adoption and sustainability. Our consultants are PROSCI certified and approach change management through a combination of ADKAR and Kotter’s change management model. 

The focus of our change management method is on organizational adoption to sustain a technology initiative for the future. We help companies and businesses think digital first. We connect desired outcomes to the audience user needs and required business processes to help the organization understand their meaning and importance. We then create a technology framework that consists of a set of adaptive tools and is delivered as a set of services for the organization to consume and use in a more practical way.

Change management is in our DNA. Our consultants have a deep passion and experience in helping organizations and individuals adapt to new processes and systems.

Procurement Services

The role of Procurement in the enterprise has evolved. Today, strategic business partners and trusted advisors of CXOs and procurement leaders are expected to work closely with the C-suite to avoid risks, form a competitive advantage that facilitates enterprise growth. With a smart procurement approach, organizations can reduce a purchasing cost base and deliver additional annual savings to any company. Across your business, effective and efficient procurement is vital for the most part in the current economic environment.

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Procurement Planning and Strategy Icon
Procurement Planning and Strategy
Sourcing Management
Contracts Management and Administration Icon
Contracts Management and Administration
Purchasing and Expediting Icon
Purchasing and Expediting
Logistics Icon
Procurement Modernisation Icon
Procurement Modernization
Procurement Audits Icon
Procurement Audits
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Statement of Requirements and Call Documents
Evaluation Methodologies
Evaluation Methodologies, Processes, and Procedures
Compliance with Procurement Directives
Compliance with Procurement Directives, Rules, and Regulations
Compliance with New
Compliance with New Trade Agreements

Why Arhure

Our Consulting and Management procurement services provide our clients with the experience and resources that are effective for capital project procurement. We facilitate the implementation of an effective procurement process based on your capital project that involves utilizing professional procurement personnel. They can identify and prepare a clear procurement road map for your project, so you streamline your business processes. Whether it is a one-time requirement or full management, we provide a full range of management and consulting services from project initiation to close-out when and where you need it most. Procurement for Federal/State Government and Private Sector projects

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Lead Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Analysis experts at Arhure. Arhure’s Business Analysis experts Integrates the technical expertise and business understanding to create superior solutions for the company and customers services.

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We have the most experienced Project Management Consultants who handles our client’s business & their customer service into a next level & without any hurdles. Get the best guidance to evaluate and customize or enhance business processes with our Project Management Consultants.

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The main Goal of Business Analysis Consultants in Australia is to develop the business & customer interactions and improve satisfaction rate. Arhure is the trusted Business Analysis Consultants in Australia, check on your business & provide rapid growth plan.

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Collaboration with our Business Analyst resources in Australia for enhance in the area of "Sales & Marketing". primary role of a Business Analyst resources in Australia is to understand a company's objectives and determine the technology resources they need.

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Arhure Offering a better way to manage our clients projects and resources with the help of Project Management resources in Australia. Our projects are completed under the guidance of skilled Project Management resources in Australia.

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Arhure we mix proficient undertaking the executives with the help of Change Management resources in Australia, finished the projects on schedule. Schedule a free consultation from Change Management resources in Australia.

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Arhure is providing best & Professional Project Management experts & Business Analysis experts for your business. Our main moto is Plan and deliver successful projects utilizing an anticipated and client driven assistance conveyance model. we are well recognized Project Management Consultants based in Melboune, Bangalore, Toronto, London & cario, offering microsoft Dynamics ERP software solutions to solve business needs. We have the world-wide client because of our Highly skilled Business Analysis Consultants in Australia. We are providing Business Analyst resources in Australia over 20 years to all kind of industry. Our administrations are effectively scaled from small to huge organizations and particularly organizations working in various nations Get the free consultation of Business Analyst resources in Australia, Change Management resources in Australia & Project Management resources in Australia from Arhure.